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We've driven over $150M in revenue for DTC brands.

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Meet Mars Wright

Mars runs a Squarespace store that has great early traction.

But now that the business is growing, it's time to move to Shopify.

We're going to build & scale the store, and show you exactly what we do as we do it.

And we have a lofty goal: we want to drive his first million dollars in revenue.

You'll see exactly what we do to get there, and become a part of the process through live sessions and Q&As.

We'll share the ups and downs, and build community arou

You'll get:

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Here's how it works

Every week, we'll share updates on the store's progress and post videos on what we've worked on that week.

You'll be able to join in on livesteams, and you'll get access to our real advertising data and strategies.

Together, we'll build a community of like-minded entrepreneurs and help Mars build his store together.

We drive growth alllll day 📈

Check out some of our client's numbers. We'll show you exactly what we do to make this happen.

This store's had to hire more staff to meet demand.

This store had their best Black Friday ever.

This store had us cut off ads early because they'd sold out of product.

We'll show you the strategies we use for clients like.


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There's no better agency I'd recommend - it's been an incredible upward trend. They're always trying to move the needle.

Jared Prince

Founder / CEO, Muir Way

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